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Some individuals and families can now qualify for high speed internet at a reduce rate. Xfinity Essentials is a program you can apply for online , or by phone (1-855-8-INTERNET, 1-855-846-8376 ). If you receive housing assistance, have children in the reduced lunch program, you are in the right place. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Past Due Balance?

If you've previously had an account with Xfinity and it's delinquent you may still qualify. Here is a quote from their 2014 press release:

" If customers have an outstanding bill that is more than one year old, then as long as they meet all the other eligibility criteria, they can apply to the program and we will provide amnesty for that back due bill for the purpose of connecting to Internet Essentials. If customers’ outstanding bills are less than a year old, however, then we would like them to settle that debt with us before they can be eligible to apply for the program. We are willing to work with families whose debt is reasonable enough that that they could pay us back in installments. "

Some disqualifications

Read over their help article. If you currently subscribed or have been within 90 days, you will be denied. My suggestion is to advocate for yourself - write, call , or visit Comcast and ask them to change this policy. We also suggest creating a plan if you believe you can forego internet for the 90 day period. If your entire household will be without internet for 90 days you'll want to make sure your library cards are active, and you've located establishments with free public wifi. If financially possible add additional data to your cellular plan to cover the wifi you won't have during the 90 day period. It may take some creativity but it is important to understand that you will be denied Xfinity Essentials if you are an active market rate Xfinity Internet subscriber or have been within the last 90 days.

Included in Service

Although Xfinity has increased the speed during COVID19, previously in the Metro Boston area you would receive high speed internet at 15Mbps in some areas, complimentary anti-virus software in most markets, a wireless modem and 40 one hour hotspot sessions every 30 days for $9.95. An example of using a hotspot: You're waiting for the Greenline at Copley Station and Xfinity appears as an available wifi. If you sign into that hotspot your one hour session begins. Unless you're planning on waiting on the platform for an hour, We wouldn't suggest signing on - because it counts the whole hour even if you only use 10 minutes worth. Interested in reading an article at Xfinity Wifi on the MBTA? Click here for the news story.

Low cost PC option

Being an Xfinity Essentials customer allows you to purchase a "refurbished" laptop or desktop for 149.99 plus tax. Consider also - now that you have a low cost internet with Xfinity - you can add on a mobile plan.

We at Vetted and recommend services to our visitors, and at times there is a service where we list the pros and cons. The Xfinity Mobile product is a significant cost savings for some families, yet we must also inform our visitors of the negative user reviews. Without a doubt the savings of Xfinity's cellular plans is significant for families, and we welcome you to view the spectrum of consumers reviews here and make the best decision for you.