Tiny Living Guide

Tiny Living Space?

Here are some of our tips for maximizing space.

Storage Bed The storage bed is a great option when your low on space. Store your clothes, linens, anything your creative mind can think of in a storage bed.

storage bed storage bed

Bed Risers

Or bed stilts are great for someone who wants to store items under their bed. A word of caution, some beds are not designed to use risers, and may weaken the frame or stability of the bed.

bed risers

Kitchen & Bath

Over the sink dish rack

over the sink drying rack

Maximize your counter space by drying your dishes over the sink.

Kitchen Carts

Store your dishes, and prepare vegetables on a kitchen cart. Maximize the space by investing in one with sturdy wheels - move it as needed.

storage cart

Mini Fridge with Freezer

Some of the single room occupancies in the Boston area provide or encourages the tenant to buy a mini-fridge. Take advantage of the mini-fridges with a separate freezers. You'll find that ice cream, frozen fruits and vegetables remain solid. Pro tip, most retailers will have mini-fridges in stock during August for the large amount of college students in the Boston area.

mini fridge with freezer

Shower Caddys

The shower caddy is very helpful for a busy bathroom within tiny space. As long as everyone agrees to place the shampoo back in the rack, you'll stop finding it laying on the center of the bath tub.