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Amazon & FireTVGuide

Membership and Device

Amazon Prime is $12.99 a month and for low-income subscribers and college students it's much less! Included in Prime service is Prime Video, and as a subscriber to Prime you'll be able to purchase plans like CBS All Access, PBS & HBO. No TV? No worries - you can use this service on your smart phone, or laptop.

FireTV Stick

FireTV Stick For users with HD TVs as the device plugs into your TV via an HDMI port. If you have a 4KTV you can purchase the FireTV 4K.

FireTV Recast

The FireTV Recast , based on our research, is great for boosting the channels you pick up with your digital antenna. You won't be able to record on four screens at once, but if you do enjoy recording this device will record. You'll even be able to watch your shows away from home on compatiable smart phones.


Several options to choose from. We recommend the Roku Expess, the Roku Ultra. Roku's app library does contain software that Amazon devices doesn't have license to. For instance, we love the Lynda app, and it's included in the Roku's app store and not Amazon's.

Best Apps for TV and Music

TV and Music apps can be displayed on your home television. Yes, there is entertainment beyond YouTube. If you are considering an lower cost entertainment solution we've got a few solutions.

You may already have access to quality programs that you can stream to your TV. For instance, many Sprint customers have Hulu included in their membership. The Hulu app is available for the FireTV stick, Roku and Apple TV (4th gen). To learn about various devices that can stream (and even adapters to stream directly from your phone) to your TV click here.

Watch TV with Free APPs

In the Greater Boston region most major networks offer their apps with limited programming (ABC, PBS, ISN, Day Star). There are also apps like Locast, Tubi, PlutoTV, IMDb TV, Crackle, XUMO, PoprcornFlix.

The Boston Public Library (as of 10/2019) subscribes to Kanopy, and Hoopla Digital, althought you are limited on how many movies you can virtually check out each month, there are movies (Kanopy), and even audiobook and music (Hoopla Digital). Keep in mind, you can also subscribe directly to a network like HBO or CBS All Access.