Shop the Sale

Shop the Sale Guide

Seasonal & Holiday Sales

It's possible to have high quality clothing and top rated electronics without paying full retail prices. If you're able to wait until late Spring or early Summer to buy Winter coats or boots, you're likely to save money because retailers want to reserve shelf space for Summer items. There are also Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas sales.

Web Coupons & Rebates

Retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy and Addidas offer coupons in exchange for your email address. Providing your email address will allow the retailers to email you when they have sales. Finally, if you haven't already signed up for Rakuten (formerly Ebates) now is a good time. Depending on where you shop online can earn cashback on your purchases. The cashback percentage varies through the year and for each retailer.

Save on Groceries

Stores like Stop & Shop (iOS, android) and Whole Foods (iOS , android) have apps and webpages where you can view sale items before heading to the store. Having an idea of what's on sale will allow you to budget. What we like about the Stop & Shop app is that you can add coupons directly to your Stop & Shop savings card. Stop & Shop also has a Free Friday feature where they feature a free item. If you're an Amazon Prime member you'll saving 10% off of sale items at Whole Foods when you scan or present your Prime Associated phone number.

Reduced for Quick Sale

Stop N Shop Reduced Goods Section

Hidden at most Stop N Shop stores, or in the back of grocerers with onsite bakeries are reduced price goods. Grocers likes Stop & Shop and Shaws will sometimes have items like potatoes or bananas in this area. Imagine seeing 15 bags of slice white bread each priced at .50 cents that's the main ingredient to a tasty grilled cheeses or french toast. Second Stop N Shop Reduced Goods Section