The Lifeline program funds cell phone service for eligible low-income persons. You can choose from Assurance, Safelink, or Standup wireless. Before you cancel your existing line, consider that you have the legal right to keep your phone number. This is called porting. Moving your number from your old carrier to your new carrier is your legal right. Read more about the process here.


Smart Phone

Upgrading your Lifeline device.

Do more in less time

If you're tech savvy or willing to try, there are some benefits to upgrading your Lifeline device. Assurance, Safelink and Standup wireless will allow you to BYOD, Bring Your Own Device. Just call them by dialing 611, and they can tell you if the phone you'd like to buy is compatible with their service. Sometimes the sim is free, other times you may have to purchase it from your wireless company. A sim card is a chip that is inserted into your phone. It is programmed to your line. Once you have the new sim card you will place it in your compatible Smart phone. It's a great way to keep your cellphone active without compromising on the benefits of new technologies.