What are they?

There are several organizations that assist seniors, and persons with disabilities, or as I like to say, different abilities. If you have both Medicare and Medicaid you likely qualify for One Care. If you don't qualify for One Care, ask your doctor to submit a PT1 request on your behalf. A PT1 is a medical ride provided by your health insurance. One way to example a PT1 is a carpool to get patients who are to the doctors. This has pros and cons. For example, your doctor may not be in your another health plan, or the driver may be late and you could miss your appointment.

Consider your personal needs, and remember, just because you have the option to use the service doesn't mean you are obligated to use it every appointment.

Some plans allow you to keep your doctors and have a few non-medical rides, your insurance rep can help you to know the details. If your concerned that you may not receive unbiased advice, consider also contacting a SHINE counselor. They are available to guide you so you make good decisions about your healthcare.