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From maximizing space in a small apartment to avoiding internet and phone scammers - we've got tips to help you.

Xfinity Essentials Guide

Low income households are eligible for low cost high speed internet. In this guide we'll help you understand some of the features included in the service and explain one reason qualified persons are denied. Read our Xfinity Essentials guide to learn more.

Shop the Sale

Stretching a fixed income can be difficult and knowing when to buy items can help your money go further. View our Shop the Sale Guide.

Tiny Living Guide

Do you have a small apartment? Get the most out of your tiny space with these cool products and simple tips. Click here for our Tiny Living Guide.

Entertainment On a Budget

Whether you a family of one or want to save more money when you take your family out, this guide will give you a few dollar saving ideas. We also have great tips for persons who want to watch the latest movies and TV shows. Click here for our Budget Entertainment Guide view our Streaming Guide.

Avoid Scammers

View our tips on how to avoid online and telephone scams, along with information on how to report fraud and scams to the correct government agencies. Need to resolve an issue with a business? Check out our Better Business Bureau guide.

Tax Preparation Services

We've create this tax guide to help low and moderate income households to locate local and online tax prep tools.

Post Office Boxes & Services

Click the blue letters to view our guide with tips on how to get mail without a post office account, and other useful Post Office services like how to apply for a P.O Box, and how to avoid the common "Sorry, we didn't recieve your application in time" by using overnight or signature service.