Fitness Memberships

Some fitness clubs offer slightly reduce rates based on income. Healthworks Community Fitness is a great example. It's one of the only gyms for women and teenage girls. The rates are less than most fitness centers in Greater Boston.

The Y.M.C.A also offers a reduced membership rate, as well as scholarships.

Finally, there are two fitness centers that are simply low cost without consideration of it's members income: Planet Fitness and Work Out World. These are a few examples, you can always ask the membership associate about discounts or lower rates.

Two organizations that offer fitness facilities to limited members of the community. The Department of Mental Health has a location at the Lindemman This center is for persons with mental illness and employees of DMH. If qualified members of this community will have access to free weights, a basket ball court and other equipment. Northeaster University offers limited access to it's facilities, including an indoor track, and tread mills in their Community Privileges program. This program is restricted to residents in the zip codes specified on their website.

Also, consider this: many seniors qualify for Silversneakers. Silversneakers gives seniors access to select fitness centers. Talk to your health insurance representative, you may qualify for Silversneakers, or even fitness membership reimbursement under your existing plan.

Do you prefer outdoor fitness? Try Community Boating. They also have a reduced membership option for those who qualify. Or if you're just seeking community with people who enjoy being active no dollars attached, view the fitness section of Eventbrite, or see if the November Project is more your style.