Filing Taxes

I.R.S & the Poor

I.R.S audits more Low-income households

Several years ago one of our contributors noticed an I.R.S inquiry while viewing an annual free credit report. This person was also asked to verify their income and filing by the state. Of course this sparked curiosity, and as the gods would have it, others noted how the I.R.S audits and prosecutes the poor more frequently than other groups.

Perhaps it's more time consuming, expensive and difficult to target the wealthy. The wealthy will have access to lawyers, foreign banks, and networks that are difficult to penetrate. Considering the wealth of resources to help make paying taxes easier use caution.

Remember, if the tax preparer makes a mistake, the penalty will fall on you. Don't avoid doing your taxes, if needed file for an extension. Remember, you may end up paying more later if you choose the wrong tax professional.

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Tax Prep for Low to Moderate Income

Below are several companies that provide free or low cost tax services to low to moderate income households.

View a list of tax services on the state's website tax site. Taxpayer Advocate Service Find a low income taxpayer clinic to help you prepare and file your taxes in your area Tax Help. Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Low to moderate income families can locate in person help for tax prep VITA Search Tool. Services for the elderly AARP Tax Aide.

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