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Reduced or free entry

From the opera to walking tours, families and individuals can save when they present their EBT cards to many culural events. Visit the EBT Card to Culture webpage for more details.


Eventbrite is a great place to find free events. Use it to find fun and free events in the Boston area.

Movie Screenings

If you're okay standing in line to see the newest films before they are released to the general public you'll want to sign up for free movie screenings. Keep in mind, an invite doesn't mean you'll gain entry. In most cases you'll have to arrive early enough to get a seat! Enjoy!

Fox Search Light Screenings  Lions Gate Screenings   Sony Screenings   Warner Bros   Gofobo   Advance Screenings   See It First

Best Apps for TV and Music

TV and Music apps can be displayed on your home television. Yes, there is entertainment beyond YouTube. If you are considering an lower cost entertainment solution we've got a few solutions.

You may already have access to quality programs that you can stream to your TV. For instance, many Sprint customers have Hulu included in their membership. To learn about various devices that can stream (and even adapters you can purchase to stream video directly from your phone) to your TV visit the stream guide.