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Obtaining help from BBB

Most of our daily transactions with businesses are pleasant, however, what can you do when a business is operating in a fraudlent way, or refuses to operate as promised? There are several ways to handle the above circumstances (contacting the local authorities suchas the attorney general, police, lawyers depending on the situation). You can also use the Better Business Bureau to resolve the concern. If you decide you need to file a complaint, the BBB will contact the business and present another opporunity to resolve the concern. Keep in mind that the report you submit to the BBB will be pubically available. Which can be helpful for those who are researching a company or product and need to view the reportings of other clients.

Visit the Better business Bureau.

ReasearchCompanies & Products

There are many ways to research a company's reputation and products. Companies like Yelp, Google and Amazon allows consumers to express their opinions on businesses through ratings and reviews. Consumers should know that recently some businesses has offered incentives for reviews of their products and services. Not every business notates when a reviewer was entred into a prize drawing for writing a review. So we encourage you to use your best judgement while reading online testimonials.

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